Sunday, April 15, 2012

Aly Girl: A World of Words and Pictures

The best blogs start with good intentions.

In fact, part of the reason it stinks that blogs get orphaned, abandoned or lost
is that very often you'll find a blog that's EXACTLY what you're looking for,
only to discover that it is a dead blog and the author has completely left it behind.

Orphaned blog: Aly Girl: A World of Words and Pictures The Good, The Bad and Very Brightly Coloured! [WARNING: may contain confronting or personal material]

Post history: 167 total posts, from 2/2009 to 3/2010.

Author: AlyGurl

This blog unfortunately has 5 other blogs which also seem to be orphaned. :(

Looks like it's mostly a blog about someone's personal life, which I think are very common for people to start and then when they get busy with other life things or switch to facebook / twitter they leave it behind.

Maybe she'll notice we linked to her and it'll inspire her to start blogging again. :)