Sunday, March 15, 2015

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Many blogs really just exist as placeholders.
An idea someone had, but they never made a post or set it up, but also never deleted the blog.

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  1. HI, my name is Nate Hill. I'm the junior pastor over here at Upward Christian Fellowship. I can't go to Andy with my concerns. I need help. I'm a sociopath/borderline psychopath with egomaniacal, violent tendencies, possible multiple personality disorder, OCD and bipolar disorder. My psychiatrists diagnosis. A little background on me:....
    My question: Is it wrong to have sex with children? I've been having urges for awhile now. I haven't done anything to my own kids yet but others, well, I won't talk about that. And I have access to lots of children. I especially get aroused by little boys.
    I've read my bible and I can't find any verses that speak to this. So, does this mean it's okay? I feel I shouldn't let this go unabated especially when the kids cry. Also I run dog fighting rings(we use raccoons, opossums and cats as bait animals), rooster fights and I haven't paid my taxes in 3 years. I can't find anything on that either. I slept with my neighbors wife(I know that one is wrong). I appreciate your time and any counsel you choose to offer. The best email to reach me at Email messages don't always come through on this provider but it was the only way I could contact you. Thank you again. Nate Hill

    My partner's blog is at and